Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone Reviews and Full Features List

xiaomi Mi3 smartphone reviews front size

Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone Reviews

as we knows that china is very big manufacturer in the electronics and mobile industry. the chines leader in mobile manufacturing Xiaomi has launched so many smartphone in the indian market.

Xiaomi mobile is aggressively trying to capture huge customer base in India.in order to increase mobile market share,

Xiaomi has launched Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone. initially Xiaomi has decided to sale Mi3 through online market through Flipkart.com

We will talk about Xiaomi Mi3 in this article step by step.

Lets point out general feature of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi3 is look real smartphone as you were thinking. when you take a look to its design, its sleek. you will enjoy the power of 5 inch capacitive screen in your hand.

Its my personal thought that 5 inch screen size is enough for calling a smartphone and seems to suitable for smartphones and if it goes above 5 inch then it may become tablet.

so 5 inch is quite enough to enjoy movies, pictures and recording your life moment.

Xiaomi Mi3 has well balance sleek body and look wise it is great. The Mi 3 has inbuilt loudspeaker and usb just below the bottom side, the loudspeaker is slightly out from body shape which gives us sound without interruption.

But the main dis-advantage of Xiaomi Mi3 is that they have given screen which is slightly above the phone surface which may lead to get scratches in pocket and on the table.

Operating System

Xiaomi Mi3 has the latest android operating system Kitkat 4.4. you will definitely feel the experience of new operating interface with so many new option and apps available.

in the normal android base phone we have left to right scroll available but in Xiaomi Mi3 has bottom to top scrolling. you will become familiar when you use new android Kitkat 4.4 version

Xiaomi Mi3 Hardware Reviews

Xiaomi Mi3 has been very famous for its hardware configuration provide in the phone. the company has equipped the phone with Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset. Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset is quite expensive and said to be high in performance. There is other expensive smartphone available in the market having this Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset.

Xiaomi Mi3 Performance Reviews

Not only Xiaomi Mi3, there are other smartphones available in the market having Qualcomm chipset. they all are working fine as we were expecting. like nexus 5 also has Qualcomm chipset but nexus 5 is expensive than Mi3

because Xiaomi Mi3 is based on android Kitkat 4.4 version, you may feel the difference and good performance of Kitkat 4.4 operating system.

Mi3 has 13 mega pixel camera which enable us to capture HD quality pictures and recording the good quality videos.

if we talk sound system then mi3 has inbuilt loudspeaker at bottom side which gives us interruption free sound.

Camera and Display

The company has given inbuilt 13 mega pixel camera. you know 13 mega pixel camera is enough to give us HD quality photos and very nice quality movie facility.

Mi3 has 5 inch capacitive screen which is really working very smoother than other normal phones. the screen size will give you feeling of real smartphone in hand.

xiaomi Mi3 smartphone sleek view

Why Not to Buy – Some Dis-Advantage

Mi3 does not have expandable memory card slot support which is bad if you will to store more data into phone. It has 16 GB inbuilt memory, you have to satisfy with this memory limit.

camera has 13 mega pixel capacity but seems to be poor in working performance.

user interface is not as good as some other mobile like nexus 5.

Xiaomi Mi 3 quick specification at glance

  1. Operating:Android Kitkat 4.4
  2. Display: 5 Inch IPS Full HD Display (1920 x 1080 Pixel)
  3. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  4. Camera: 13 Mega Pixel
  5. Camera Front: 2 Mega Pixel
  6. Ram: 2GB LPDDR3 RAM
  7. Flash Memory: 16 GB
  8. Connectivity: Supports 3G (WCDMA) and 2G(GSM) networks
  9. Battery: 3050mAh lithium-ion battery

The Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone is available to purchase at online eCommerce giant Flipkart.com at approx. Rs. 13999/- only

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