5+ Simple Optimize Trick To Increase Google AdSense Earning

5+ Simple Optimize Trick To Increase Google AdSense Earning

This is about to make money through Google AdSense. Read further if you are a Google AdSense Publisher. Some website or blog owners are earning handsome money through Google AdSense program, they are only few percentage but hundreds and thousand are earning only a few penny.

It is because of lack of tricks which big players used. In this article, I will try to explain some of the most useful tips & tricks to use AdSense on your website or blogs.

1. Content

The thing we have listening since a long time but content are king and so on. Now comes to fact. when Google was rising in its initial stage, it was crawling almost all the website across the world and using meta tag so on for making category.

Google was also crawling small content websites also to make its database bigger and bigger and capture the online search market.

But after some time when Google earned a good brand name in market they decided to remove the low content, low quality website and spamming from its database.

Just few years back around 2012, Google has started to deliver result of good quality and more content website to user. So who is the beneficial entity in this game, the big content maker, big content website like wikihow, wikipedia, news website.

And almost of US, UK, Austrian based website, bloggers have good command over english as it is their native language. They are making good money from their website and blogs.

This is the number one tips to increase Google AdSense earning.

Conclusion: So create quality and more content for your visitors.

2. One Topic for 1 Page

Another point, we should discus here is that because of Google who has change its algorithm so many times in previous year, they normally capture and deliver result which are full optimized and think that oh yeah, it is suitable to visitor.

How to detect your content. Basically Google check every article with their parameter that what are you writing and regarding what.

It is highly advisable that you should pic one topic for one article or one page. Don’t try to mess with so many keywords in content.

Now we will talk about some website design and layout structure for better Google AdSense earning.

3. Google AdSense Background Color

I have been hearing and shouting that we should use white space for standing out our ad clearly. But this trick does not work in all blog or website. Choose ad slot color which is slightly similar to your post content background color. So to look AdSense ad and your webpage color are the same part of the website.

I think we should try other experiment also that try to highlight your Google AdSense ads in that way to highlight your ads from different light color background, in order to get more click. So visitor can get attracted by ads.

Example: Like yellow or light gray background and Red color text of Google AdSense ads.

4. Best AdSense Placement Location

Google has given us so many webmaster guidelines to help us and increase our earning. But we should not clearly follow what they says. Always try for new experiment with your ad location and get what ad placement works better on your blog.

But keep in mind that we could have different web design, what if, if we don’t have space for 336 X 280 size ads ?

Our Google AdSense position should be straight directly to eyes.

The best AdSense Placement Position as per Google support forum

  1. Top navigation bar of website
  2. Just before the content starting point
  3. Right side bar for skyscraper ad
  4. After the content end

You should try above locations for better Google AdSense performance.

Now Google has also introduced Responsive Ad unit, give it a try.

5. Biggest Google AdSense Format

Google AdSense provides us different type of ad size so that we could use any of them according to our website design and layouts. We heard may other blogger to use biggest ad unit for better click and earning.

So always use your web space carefully. Let us try some below ad placement.

  1. You can use 728 x 90 leader board at top
  2. try to use 336 X 280 just before the content start
  3. Use 460 x 90 ad size just under the title of your blog
  4. Use 160 X 600 skyscraper ad on sidebar

Above ad placement will surely give your better click through rate and earning.

I hope that above tip will definitely help you to increase Google AdSense earning quickly.

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