Simmtronics XPad X722 Tablet with Calling Feature – Full Specifications

Simmtronics XPad X722 Tablet Reviews

Simmtronics XPad X722 tabletSimmtronics the world leader in the manufacturing of IT product has just released its starting range of tablet in the Indian tablet market.

We already know that there is very few tablets are available in the tablet market which has calling facility. At this stage, Simmtronics has launched it product tablet XPAD X722 with the calling feature.

So, let evaluate Simmtronics XPad X722 tablet


Simmtronics has given 1 GHz of processor for fast performance. XPad X722 is coming with 512 MB of ram and 4 GB of internal storage. Its external memory can be expanded up to 32 GB of ram.

The plus point is that it has Mali 400 graphics processor for better display and for paying games in the tablet.

The biggest thing is that it has GSM SIM support for calling which is not available very easily at so affordable price amongst other tablet.


Simmtronics XPad X722 is coming with android 4.0 ice cream sandwich which seems quite old but android always works faster. And there is thousands of free android apps available for daily routine works also i.e. Skype, Twitter, Angry Bird etc.

XPad X722 has browser which flash player by which you can watch videos online on video streaming websites like YouTube.

Multimedia feature and camera

XPad X722 has 2.0 mega pixel camera at the back side panel and VGA camera on the front main side. VGA camera can be used in chatting and video calling also.

The 2.0 mega pixel camera seems to be very normal and standard quality but it is acceptable at this affordable price.

For audio, it almost supports all file formats.


Simmtronics XPad X722 has Bluetooth for easy file sharing and data transfer and Wi-Fi for connectivity to network and running internet into Wi-Fi enable zone.

Why to buy

  1. Maybe you will not find any affordable tablet with calling facility because of this sim support feature in other tablet. Means that sim support tablet are rarely available in the market. If yes, the they are very costly.
  2. XPad X722 is very good substitute.
  3. Hardware specifications are competent.
  4. Multimedia features are also acceptable
  5. Best affordable price available

Why not to buy

  1. Using little old android operating system even we have latest available in the market
  2. Average screen resolution which seems to be standard and normal.
  3. It has little feeling of plastic type in hand which seems some odd.
  4. It does not have 3G support

Simmtronics XPad X722 substitute

We can check with HCL U2 as its substitute which available in the market at approx. Rs. 5,999/- but let me tell you that HCL U2 does not have sim support.

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