Prevent from Malwares – Risk Down Malware Attack

How to Prevent from Malwares

prevent from malwares
There are millions of internet users who are browsing thousands of internet website everyday. Some websites are related to technology, health, proxy websites, guide help website and some websites are offering free download facility also.

This may increase the chance to get affected by malwares. While using internet we should follow some routine task to prevent from malwares.

Now problems comes when we talk about free downloading. Most of the websites on the internet which are offering free software, games downloading everyday. And free stuff seeker people download them.

Thousands of free stuff providers are spreading malware and adware through free product which you download. When you download them and install them, they came into your system and behave like devil for your windows, software, valuable data.

It is very difficult to know that which website may harmful for our computer. There are website having malicious code exist when you browse/surf them, these script download into your internet browser and infect your computer.

Prevent from Malware

There are some prevention where you can reduce the chances for a virus attack and harmful websites.

  • Most important thing we all should implement that we must have best license antivirus software install into system to control, detect and remove malware. Keep antivirus software updated and we should scan whole system after a few days regularly.
  • Always clean your browser history, cookies and temporary file after every browsing time.
  • Always installed any license Anti virus and Anti Spyware software into your computer. Keep it updated and scan your computer after every few days.
  • Don’t click on very attractive link or banner on the web page, there may have some malicious code and may be downloaded when you click over it.
  • If you think that there is offer may be competitive and you want to buy it and then first point your mouse over it but don’t click and look at the status bar of browser and try to understand where this link will lead to. If you see any encrypted message on the taskbar then beware of it.
  • Remove browser cookies on regularly basis that prevent us from hacking of browser and our privacy hacking.
  • Remove temp file after finishing your works. Go to Start > Run > type %temp% (This will open the temp directory), then hit Enter and select all files into this and delete them.
  • Never try to visit a site which your browser shows any alers message. Never open X rated site, there are thousands of hundred of website site about it and mostly these type of sites expand virus into everyone PC.
  • Always install one anti virus and one anti spyware program into your PC for better performance.

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