Mobile Phone Theft Protection – Genuine Security Tips

Mobile Phone Theft Protection Guide

Phones are not special gadgets these days as compared to few years ago. Biggest population of India is having phone in their hand for day to day personal and business purpose.

So the chances for thieving phones are getting increase with the growth. Thieve are wondering all around for getting any chance to steal your phone. And they try to sell them immediately.

Or they can misuse your personal data and raise your bill or perform any criminal activity.

So in order to prevent from above problem, there are some certain tips which you need to be aware and followed properly without delay and secure your highly sensitive personal data.

Tip 1:

Keep all the information regarding your mobile phone number, phone serial, phone IMEI number, phone model, color etc in safe place. You may think that this is stupidity but this is not. Make habit to note all important things.

Check your IMEI number (*#06#)

Tip 2:

Always activate your security lock code or pin code feature into your mobile phone. You can find these settings into your phone settings option and so on.

Activating above security settings, at least thieve cannot access your personal data and cannot use your photos and movies and any of social media profile.

Tip 3:

You can even install or activate any tracking or location finder application so that you could get information on its geo location.

This may give you best information so that you can take any necessary action before well in time.

This may help you in tracking the phone location with the help of police department.

Tip 4:

Check your mobile phone for any settings to prevent making outgoing calls on international number with high call rate. This tip may save your hundred and thousands of rupees if your phone is in wrong hand.

Tip 5:

Never make habit to put your phone on table while going for restaurant, office or in bars. Costly phones are always been an eyes catching things by thieves.

Tip 6:

While walking on roads then put your phone in your front side pocket not back side and check regularly after every few hours.

Tip 7:

Avoid using phone in so much of gathering and if necessary then making some distance from gathering then talk.

Tip 8:

Give information to your network operator and police immediately in case of stealing.

I hope you would like and follow above security tips and prevent your phone and yourself. You may give your feedback on above tips.

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