Make Money With Google AdSense – How to Guide

How to Make Money With Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense ?

Make money with Google AdSense is a traffic monetizing & money making program dedicated to publisher who own website.  AdSense publisher can sign up with Google AdSense can earn real money with their website.
Make Money With Google AdSense

How Google Approves You As An AdSense Publisher ?

You only need to sign up with Google AdSense Program and give your website/blog address and you have to wait to get approved by Google as an AdSense publisher.

Google will review your website and will tell you whether your website approved or not ?

How Does Google AdSense Works ?

Make money with Google AdSense works very simple, you only need to logged in with your Google AdSense account with user name and password.

Make AdSense ads according to your website design and layout then place AdSense codes in your website and Google AdSense will serve ads on your website after crawling your content.

You need to follow below step


  • You must have a niche domain which suites your niche keyword
  • You need web hosting to upload website
  • Create quality content as much as you can
  • Now Sign Up for Google AdSense account and get approved
  • Put their code into web page and start earning


How Much Can You Earn With Google AdSense Program ?

Basically Google AdSense earning depend upon website content. If you have unique and quality  content on your website then you may have high earning potential.

But my observation and experience says that if your website have 30,000 page view per day then you may earn approx $80 per days with Google AdSense program as I already have earned.

How to Create Your Website/Blog for Make Money with Google AdSense Program

This includes many process to make your blog and put it online.

Choose Topics : First find what kind of website/blog your want to create. Choose only those topics where you have good knowledge, experience and you are passionate about that topic. Not only to make money, this won’t help you at all in making money.

Get Keyword Research: You need to search keyword suitable to your topic. Targeted Keywords are best way to drive organic traffic to your website. Previously we had overture keyword search tool but now it is not available.

Now we have other keyword search tools, so have a look on them and search domain as per your topic and they should have high traffic volume.

When you finished searching keyword then list all keyword and select best one for your topic then just booked a domain with domain registrar. I could recommend to buy domain from Godaddy, eNom etc.

Buy Good Web Hosting: You will need hosting account to upload your files online. Choose hosting which offers 99.99% up-time because your website should be up always to get visitor.

If your website goes down then visitor may assume that your website is just waste of time to search and they may feel that your website not available on time.

I would recommend that you buy hosting with iPage, WP Engine (They are big players in the hosting industry). But review them on Google before buy hosting with them.

But I always used to buy hosting with local hosting provider because I wanted to contact them directly as and when I need their help in hosting problem. But I was wrong that time, I should have use quality web hosting with 99.99%  up time web host. Now I use web hosting.

WP Engine is giving 2 month extra when you buy one year hosting with them. WP Engine gives us very high performance WordPress hosting where you not need to worry about any down time or failure. So give it a try & Buy PRE-PAY FOR WP ENGINE HOSTING FOR 1 YEAR AND GET 2 MONTHS FREE!

Or you can use iPage web hosting, Currently I am using iPage and their web server are very good, I had no issue since I bought iPage hosting. So you can also Host your website with iPage!

Now lets move further…..

Design website: So, we need website for our online presence. You don’t need to design your website at all. WordPress has the world class content management systems software available on the internet. There is no other CMS available in the market as comparing to WordPress.

WordPress is the high quality CMS software which gives your full control over your website content and layouts and help in publishing your contents. But there are other CMS also available in the market, you could try them also.

Front End Design: Now you have just bought web hosting and you need to install and configure WordPress CMS onto your hosting account, then you will need to have good quality front page for your website.

So don’t worry at all, there are hundreds of thousands front end themes available for WordPress.

How to Get Success in Make Money With Google AdSense

You only need to remember some certain things to get success with Google AdSense program.

Don’t do with your Google AdSense Program

1. Don’t think about to deceive Google because Google is boss on the internet. Google known everything which you can’t think at all. They have good geographical tracking systems.

They can track you anytime or anywhere. Read Google AdSense Program Policy.

2. Don’t get ban with Google in term of search engine and AdSense if Google got angry then you can’t get succeed on internet living.

3. Don’t click your own ads and never ask your any friend to do so. Because Google invest millions of dollar in tracking click fraud. So can you think that you can stand against million dollar ? No.

4. Don’t put your Google AdSense on illegal website intentionally which is against & prohibited in their Website Requirement.

Important Note: Google changes their policies from time to time, so you need to visit their website for latest policy changes.

Do’s with Google AdSense Program

1. Read Google AdSense program policy & terms of use before running AdSense ads on your website/blog. These terms and guidelines are getting changes from time to time.

2. Read some articles on Google AdSense tricks and search some information on what kind of trick and layouts may suites your website.

3. According to me, use minimum ads block on your website as it may delivered highest earning ads on your website. Google also wants to deliver highest paid advertisement on your website to earn more revenue.

How Much Can I Earn With Google AdSense Program ?

Actually you have no limit if your website is doing good in traffic, but here is simple calculation so that you could have some idea that how much you can make money with Google AdSense.

Suppose if you are running a technology website.

You want to earn $100 a month from Google AdSense Program.

Then you need to have below matrix

Page view per day: – 1000

Page view per month – 1,000 X 30 days = 30,000

My personal earning from approx. 28,500 page view was $100 approx. (from

Now suppose below

You want to make $100 per day that means $3000 per month from Google AdSense Program

You need to have below matrix

Page view per day: – 30,000

Page view per month – 30,000 X 30 days = 9,00,000 means approx. ($100 x $30 = $3000)

Some of the tech blogger are earning the same amount as above calculated.


Million Dollar Advice

“Always write something unique which should be different and always useful for your audience and try to give it high quality. Don’t stop thinking unique ideas and thought”

Important message: If you need any advice or tips then make a comment. I will be glade to help you.

Caution: Never try to cheat Google because they spend millions of dollar every year to catch the cheater.

To Your Success…….
Yogesh Verma

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