Is Yahoo Answer Good for Backlink or not

A Review : Is Yahoo Answer Good for Backlink or not

Yahoo Answer is one of the most visited question and answer site on the internet. It has different categories to post your question and their answer. But I have seen that there are lots of internet marketing webmasters are using Yahoo Answer to get huge traffic and website PageRank.

They visit many questions at once in their niche and tries to give many answers and put their website/blog link in the resource box. I was also using this method to get some traffic and PageRank but I have never received enough result to do so.

I noticed while checking Yahoo Answer source code that when you put link your website/blog in source box, these links will not be consider by Google for giving PageRank as Google has declared that links under NoFollow will not help website/blog to get PageRank.

Traffic with Yahoo Answer

You may get little traffic with using Yahoo Answer but when it comes to huge traffic then forget it.

Crawl through Yahoo Answer

If you wanted to get your website/blog crawl by various search engine with the help of Yahoo Answer then you can use above method. But I will suggest you to write something special and submit to various social bookmarking websites.

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