Google AdSense vs Infolinks Reviews – Which Works Better

Google AdSense vs Infolinks Advertising Network Reviews for Webmasters

Google AdSense vs Infolinks ReviewsMost of the blogger or website owner wants to make extra income from other advertisement network also. The bloggers who are  already using Google AdSense are somehow afraid to use other advertising network on their website. I would like to share my
experience with webmaster which I just felt using Google AdSense and Infolinks together on my website.

I just have signed up with aiming to make some extra money from my inventory. So i put their code onto my websites and tracked for few days.

I have heard that using both Google AdSense and Infolinks will reduce your earning. So i checked and found that this is TRUE.

My Google AdSense went down and Infolinks is not giving good result. Here is a screenshot of my Infolinks account which shows that what the hell is this.

Google AdSense vs Infolinks Reviews

Google AdSense vs Infolinks Reviews:-

I have been getting good amount of page views per day and along with good amount of click but I did not getting enough earning to satisfy me, that was bad experience.
I was thinking that I will make some extra money but I am loosing my Google AdSense money also. So I decided not to use Infolinks on my websites network and then I removed Infolinks add but let me tell you that if your website is content site having thousands of page and index in search engine well and then infolinks add may work for you.

I would say that you bloggers and website owner, please stick to Google AdSense and work on your website to make it better which will definitely give you high quality experience and earning. However, you can use direct advertisement on your website using various marketplaces.

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