20+ Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2014

Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2014 Updated List

top google adsense alternativesMost of the online webmasters are working with Google AdSense to monetize their traffic and earn handsome income through Google AdSense.

But suppose what if, it you are banned from Google AdSense or waiting for an approval from Google and you can’t use Google AdSense on your blog to monetize your traffic.

This problem may face any blogger and website owner, now we have to come over with this problem, it is very much better to find some of the leading Google AdSense Alternatives.

For the help, I have created some of the most well known online advertising network to monetize traffic and off-course Google AdSense Alternatives.

Most of the below advertising network are CPM based which means you will be paid for your traffic inventory per thousand pageviews. CPM means (Cost Per Millenium) cost per thousand which means you will be paid some dollars on per thousand page impression on your site.

List of Best Google AdSense Alternatives found till 2014

1. Chitika – Chitika is another best inline text advertising publisher in the world. Chitika was founded in 2003, since inception the company is continuously performing well and becomes leader in online advertising segment.

You can sign up to become their publisher and start earning through your web content. Chitika serves the advertisement over the targeted keyword in the content if user want to see them.

I have kept Chitika  on #1 in Google AdSense Alternatives list because of its popularity now a day, almost every content blogger or website is using Chitika as their additional income source.

chitika adsense alternatives

If you are willing to earn more money with Chitika then Chitika also offers another money making option for webmaster.

If you refer any publisher to Chitika then you will be earn 10% of their earning till first 10 month.

Visit Chitika for more info


2. Tribal Fusion – Tribal Fusion is real online advertising provider that pays really good to their webmasters and they mostly also focus on targeted website.

Tribal Fusion is best company to work but their website minimum requirement is so high which is not suitable to low level or new blogs at all.  I have kept Tribal Fusion on #2 in Google AdSense Alternatives post because of its quality and publisher selecting criteria.

Minimum Website Requirement – They required minimum of 500,000 unique users per month with well design, niche and quality website.

tribal fusion adsense alternatives

3. Casale Media – Casale Media ia Canadian based online media and technology, their headquartered location in Toronto, Ontario. They launched advertising network in 2003. Casale Media is one of the most premier online advertisement networks for advertiser and webmasters.

The website has good design and high quality traffic system. I have put Casale Media on number three in Google AdSense Alternatives list because it is very middle level publisher and they also handle some of the large web properties and they choose quality websites.

Minimum Website Requirement – They required at least 10,000 unique visitors per month

casale media adsense alternatives

4. Kontera – Kontera is also an in-text advertising publishing company having very good database of quality publishers to deliver targeted ads for advertiser. They have good inventory of advertiser to your website content. The benefit of in-text based advertising is that you don’t need to have extra space for advertising code and no need to change website layout.

kontera  adsense alternatives

5. Right Media – Right Media is the world’s trusted display advertising marketplace, evolving since 2005 to support the needs of businesses in today’s digital media world. From sellers maximizing yield to buyers optimizing the return on their ad spend, Right Media is the destination for premium supply and demand.

right media yahoo adsense alternatives

6. RealTechNetwork – RealTechNetwork was formed in early 2004 in order to better represent publishers to advertisers, and vice-versa. Together, there is over 12 years of advertising experience in both the online and traditional advertising sales channels.

Minimum Website Requirement – Their minimum website requirement is at least 25,000 impressions per month from 12,500 Unique.

realtech network adsense alternatives

7. ValueClick – ValueClick Media is another good quality Internet advertising network for advertisers focused on performance and publishers who wish to earn the most for their available inventory. But I have seen that they are very selective in approving webmasters, they always disqualify most of the webmasters.

They have merged with http://www.conversantmedia.com

value click adsense alternatives

8. BURST Media – Burst Media is one of the most well-established online media companies, Burst Media represents independent web publishers and their communities.

Minimum Website Requirement – The website must have minimum traffic of 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views.

burst media adsense alternatives

9. CPX Interactive – CPX Interactive is well known media and technology giant media company with over a decade of experience connecting consumers with brands. They have other media brands also for difference advertising need. i.e. bRealTime, Simplixity, Affiture, AdReady.

CPXi provides multi-screen messaging, leveraging display, social, mobile and video advertising at scale, serving billions of managed impressions.

cpxi adsense alternatives

10. Adtegrity – Adtegrity is another cross screen advertising platform for advertiser and publisher and agencies since 1999. They did not mentioned their minimum website requirement for publishers.

adtegrity adsense alternatives

11. AdPepper – AdPepper media is one of the leading international digital marketing services and technology solutions provider.

The company provides a broad range of display, lead generation, email, search engine and affiliate marketing services as well as eCRM technology solutions to media agencies, advertisers and publishers.

addpepper adsense alternatives

12. BannerSpace – BannerSpace.com is another digital advertiser that assists advertisers and agencies with every aspect of their campaign. Through innovative technology, marketing and media expertise, and brilliant creative BannerSpace creates campaigns that get results.

banner space adsense alternatives

13. Valuead.com – ValueAd has started it operation in December, 1996 and has grown to become a respected Online Media Delivery Technology and Advertising firm, highly dedicated in providing world-class, custom solutions at the best possible price.

value ad adsense alternatives

14. Federated Media – Federated Media Publishing is independent online properties that are not owned and they believe the Independent Web is social in nature and a source of conversation online. It is where ideas and narratives are born and shared.

federated media adsense alternatives

Above are some of the best Google AdSense Alternatives where you can apply for sign up and earn money like Google AdSense. But having and working with Google AdSense is nice thing.

15. AdBrite – One of my favourite advertisement marketplace over the network. The Adbrite network has approx. 110,000 sites of  publisher where advertiser can reach to a hugh audience over the network. It support various type of ads like text, banners, full page, inline, britepic ads. AdBrite is acquired by Sitescout.com

adbrite sitescout adsense alternatives

16. Clicksor – Clicksor is a sister company of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. YesUp was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001 under the name YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It offers 85% of the ad revenue to publisher and 15 days payment with only $50 minimum payout.

clicksor adsense alternatives

17. Vibrant Media – Founded by Doug Stevenson and began its operations in 2000. It has an approx. network of 4,000 premium websites & reach over 170 Million Unique users.


18. Nixxie – Nixxie is basically a search engine and offering contextual advertising to their publishers. They pay by BACS, but we also offer PayPal, CHAPS and cheque. Payment is in currency of origin. Something is better from nothing.

nixxie adsense alternatives

19. BuySellAds : BuySellAds is basically a advertisement marketplace where advertiser and publisher connects to each other. Why don’t you sell independent ads to your advertiser.  It has very simple control panel to manage advertisement for both advertiser and publisher.

buysellads adsense alternatives

20. Morning Falls – Morning Falls has founded in 2004 in Denver, Colorado in 2004 which provide result oriented advertising solution to advertiser and publisher in the world. They have billions of impression network. They works with CPC, CPA, CPM, CPV methodology.

Minimum Website Requirement – Their minimum monthly requirement is 10,000 pageviews per month which seems to be very low for new publisher.

morning falls adsense alternatives

21. Adversal – Adversal is another higly appreciated cpc, cpm, ctr based advertising network in the online market. Adversal offer 100% fill rate to their publisher and high eCPM earning available. the company has minimum $20 payment and have various payment method like PayPal, ACH, Check and Wire transfer.

Minimum Website Requirement – If your website blog is generating minimum 50,000 page view per month then you are eligible to apply for their publisher program.

adversal google adsense alternative india

I hope you will like my post on best Google AdSense Alternatives 2014. If you are using any other monetize network by which you are earning very nice, please share with us to help other also. I would definitely add your advertisement network to help new beginners.

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