Assembled Vs Branded Computers – Difference

This question normally confuses every unknown person who does not have previous computer knowledge.

When they go to buy a computer system, this question always comes in our minds that what configuration I should buy or whether I should buy assembled computer or a branded computer system with good performance and stability.

I am going to share some of my experience which I faced in my career while choosing assembled computer or branded computer.

Today, there are so many tablet and mobile phones exist in the market with all the necessary tools & software to perform computer related task but having computer is always been different when it comes to perform larger tasks and gaming experience.

I am sharing some of details that differentiate assembled and branded computer.

Assembled Computer

Assembled computers are those computers which are bought in parts like motherboard, hard disk, RAM, cabinet etc and then assembled by a computer hardware engineer.

Basically, assembled computer parts are commonly available at cheap price that is why people often bought parts then assembled it.

Most top benefit in assembled PC is that when you bought parts separately, they comes with different warranty duration. ie. hard disk has 5 year warranty, motherboard has 3 year warranty, RAM has lifetime warranty, monitor has 1 to 3 year warranty.

So every part has different warranty which is quite good if you are looking for use for your computer for long term. You don’t need to worry about investing in repairing these part from extra cost.

Note: But remember that most of the parts are not compatible to each other. When you bought assembled PC then there are 90% chances of system instability & non-performance.

Branded Computer

Branded computer are those which comes in assembled directly from the respective manufacturer or company.

There are many benefits to buy branded computer. The branded computer manufacturer provide and assembled high quality parts to configure computer system.

Most Important: These parts have been manufactured and keep in mind its compatibility with other hardware. Branded computer are more stable, easily manageable and high in performance.

Some branded computer and laptop manufacturer are Dell, HP, IBM, ACER, Toshiba etc

But there is only two demerit exist in branded computer system.

1. The whole branded PC computer system comes with standard warranty duration like One, Two, Three year warranty on all hardware i.e. motherboard, hard disk, ram, cpu, cd-rom etc

2. Branded systems are more costly as compared to the assembled computer due to their good hardware configuration and compatibility.


So conclusion is that this is always suggested to go for Branded Computer System for better stability and performance.

I think, we should spend some more money for more stable, well design and good performance branded system.

You may always face trouble while using assembled computer system like slow processing, hanging, restarting computer, some sort of error in windows etc.

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